Hampshire Festival of Dance


Affiliated to The British and International Federation of Festivals of which

Her Majesty The Queen is Patron

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General Rules:


1. All schools must be polite and supportive to one another at all times. The festival will be extremely strict on this to ensure a pleasant environment for all. This competition is not for professional dancers (who earn an income from dance) and is for amateurs dancers only.


2. Please email or post your entry forms. Please pay by bank transfer and send an email with a reference to tell us you have done so. Entry forms and bank transfers must be received by the deadline to be accepted. We are sorry but we are unable to accept cheques or refund fees under any circumstances.


3. Our child protection policy and guidelines must be signed and adhered to. In addition please ask your teachers, helpers and dressers to read our policies and dressing room guidlines. Please note that your are responsible for the dancers and the audience that you bring to the festival. However back stage staff and the festival organisers have been DBS checked for the purpose of the festival and will chaperone children back stage.


4. Only dancers, teachers and commitee members will be allowed on side stage. Two named teachers from each school (that have up to date DBS licenses) will be allowed side stage at any one time. All teachers and committee members must wear a name badge must wear a name badge.


5. Teachers and choreographers are responsible for their own PRS license. We do not need to see your PRS license and leave the responsibility with you. We are not liable for the infringement of copy right.


6. A dancer's age will be taken from 1st September. Birth certificates may be asked for if there is debate over age.


7. Timing must be strictly adhered to ensure a smoothly ran festival. If a teacher has made a mistake and a dance is over time limit it will not be considered for a place and the teacher will be informed.


8. We reserve the right to revise or combine parts of the programme and run early due to unforseen circumstances. Therefore, dancers are advised to arrive early to avoid disappointment. We advise arriving at least 1 hour and 30 minutes early for all sections apart from the first 3 sections of the day where you may only be 30 minutes early. If dancers are not ready to dance at the specified time they will not be allowed to dance (even if the festival is running early). If some cases we may run out of order through prior arrangement back stage.


9. Please do not to bring unnecessary valuables to the festival or leave belongings unattended. We are not liable for any items lost or stolen.


10. Any (previously named) teacher or school assistant can collect certificates from the festival organisers. This must be done between sections, on breaks or at the end of the day.


11. Recording devices are not allowed. Photography is not allowed unless taken by our official photographer or taken in public spaces with parent/guardians’ permission from all dancers in the photo. No photos are allowed to be taken in dressing rooms/back stage or on stage. Teachers must notify us of any children that are not allowed to be photographed prior to the festival otherwise it will be assumed that media consent has been gained.


12. Parents/teachers must sign for all trophies before taking them home. Teachers are responsible for the return of  trophies at the begining of the festival the following year. If a trophy is not returned the school it was awarded to will be charged for a replacment. If the replacment is not organised in good time the school will not be considered for awards in the next trophy presentation.


13. The adjudicators decision is final. We ask that all audience members and schools keep their opinions to themselves and respect the adjudicator’s choices. The adjudicator must not be approached by anyone other than the festival committee members.


14. Please make sure your music is on CD's. CD's must have no more than one track on them and must clearly labelled. Dancers or teachers must hand in CD's to the music desk at least 3 sections before the dancer(s) is/are due to dance. If music fails and the adjudicator allows a re-dance the teacher may operate an ipod providing it is possible to connect with the sound system quickly.


15. Each school is responsible for the first aid of their own pupils and the audience they bring. Please inform the members of your school and the audience that they bring that we don't accept any responsibility for injuries sustained by your dancers, helpers or the general public.



Novice & Open Category Rules:


1. In novice duets both dancers must be novice.


2. In novice trios two dancers must be novice.


3. In novice quartets three dancers must be novice.


4. In novice groups 75% of the dancers must be novice.


5. We denfine a novice dancer as a dancer who has never gained a Ist or 2nd place in any festival with a score of 83 marks and over. However dancers dancing in  Baby and Class A for the first time can be entered back into novice regardless of where the placed or how they were marked in the previous section.


6. We define a open dancer as a dancer who has previously reached 84 marks or higher.


7. A dancer cannot enter the novice and the open festival in the same section in solos, duets, trios, and quartets. However, a dancer may enter a novice and open section in group dances providing they are dancing in a different grouping and choreography.



Dance Specific Rules:


1. The oldest dancer determines the age category.


2. In novice sections pointe work is not permitted.


3. In Character music may be instrumental or be spoken words or song.


4. Dancers are allowed to start again at the adjudicators discretion providing the festival is not running late.


5. In Ballet and Song and Dance piano or instrumental music must be used.


6. Dancers may only enter once in any section apart from in lyrical/modern sections where they may perform a lyrical and a modern dance. The same dancers cannot enter twice in duets, trios, quartets or groups unless there is a change in their dance partner or grouping.


7. Scenery, sets and staging are not allowed. Props are allowed but any prop that needs assembling side of stage will not be permitted.


8. A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 24 dancers will constitute a group. However novice groups are allowed to be considered a group with 5 or more dancers.


9.  In Lyrical Modern, no gymnastic or acrobatic work will be allowed.


10. In Stylised Ballet, soft or pointe ballet shoes should be worn.


11. In Classical Ballet dances should include adage and allegro. Titles, characterisations and handheld props are not allowed. The use of well-known repertoire, choreography or music is discouraged.


12. In Classical Greek dancers must perform barefoot.


13. In National all traditional music, songs and technique appropriate to the country of choice are acceptable. . Seniors may introduce theatrical performances that are clearly based on a national tradition.


14. In Contemporary dances should be based on the techniques developed by Graham, Cunningham and other recognised contemporary dance leaders.


15. In Character Classical Ballet is the traditional dance technique used in although any dance technique is acceptable.


16. In Modern acrobatic, gymnastic and street dance are acceptable only when combined with a strong dance technique.

Rules and Regulations - Updated 30/1/2018